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What is Mental Training?

Mental Training is about how to systematically and regularly train your brain on what you want to happen.

This could involve how to relax, manage stress, gain more confidence, or how to set up goals and target images. Change happens in the unconscious, which is why it’s not enough to understand and formulate the changes you’re looking for. You can only make a change with your intellect (your conscious mind). When in a relaxed state, you use all your senses to create memories for the future, and you also reach your unconscious.

How to practice Mental Training?

Mental training initially means that you listen to pre-recorded Mental Exercise Programs that will help you relax and let go of distracting thoughts.
You change your focus and leave all thoughts that run through your body, you scan and create the conditions for deeper consciousness. It’s important to exercise regularly during the day at any time. You will create a habit that’s just like brushing your teeth.

What do win from exercising Mental Training?

People who have become accustomed to regular relaxation will testify that they sleep better, wake up earlier, and with powers that last longer throughout the day. Your thoughts are clear and more precise. People feel they are more in control. Relaxation supports the body and immune system which, in turn, create conditions for the body’s own ability to heal itself. The ability to relax quickly is a key factor, and the first step in all Mental Training programs. You will prevent chronic tension and prolonged corrosive stress, and you will retain the ability for effective recovery.

Improved Performance

Athletes and artists performing their tasks with elegance and ease are relaxed in doing so. They use only the amount of energy needed; they measure relaxed efficiency. It’s not possible to only rely on a high adrenaline level when it comes to reaching peak performance.

Increased creativity

Because it creates a space for inspiration where the former was most often divisive. It activates the right hemisphere so that the brain can operate more holistically. When the different parts of the brain communicate with each other more effectively, the genius awakens within you. You see both details and entirety, things will achieve the right perspective. In a mentally relaxed state, parts of the brain are used to activate creativity, imagination and creativity. It opens up to see things ”outside the box”, and find new solutions.

Increased self-awareness vs. Mental Training awareness

Becoming aware of one self’s habits and body helps opening up for personal development and improved behaviour. When people lack awareness, they don’t notice what they do when they light a new cigarette or put something in their mouth. They live entirely in their own heads. (An anorectic, for example, is not really possessed by their body but by their thoughts around it.)

PS. All change happens in the unconscious!

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Health Effects of Mental Training

The inability to relax causes health problems. Therefore, the ability to quickly relax is a key factor and the first step in all Mental Training. When you relax you dissolve tension as well as the mental fixations that cause the tension it increases the ability for effective recovery. Just being relaxed in everyday life is huge health promotion. Hundreds of studies have shown that meditation and mental training are positive for your health.

Here are some of the most important health effects:

Loosen muscle tension

As an automatic consequence, mobility increases and there is a relief of pain.

Improved oxygenation

Breathing also works better, thus oxygenation becomes more efficient and body fluids and neurotransmitters flow more easily through your body. Mental Exercise also affects the blood circulation in digestive organs, skin, and brain. During stress, digestion is not a priority. Instead, your blood is directed to the big muscles so that you can escape quickly. Relaxation reverses this process, hence, digestion works better again. As blood flow increases in the skin, it may feel like a pleasant irritation. The improved circulation means that nutrients spread into the body faster, and waste products are more efficiently cleaned out.

Normalizes blood pressure

When physical relaxation makes your body smoother, your heart doesn’t need to work as hard to get the blood through the blood vessels.

Stimulates the immune system and the production of white blood cells

The body’s own healing processes work best when the body is relaxed.

Improves hormone balance

Mental Training affects your hormones. The amount of stress hormone drops, while the number of endorphins increases, as does the amount of DHEA hormone. DHEA hormone is used to measure biological age in a person. Those who practice Mental Training regularly are like well-trained people, they often look younger than they are. Prolonged stress can adversely affect your health.

Balances the activity between the cerebral hemispheres

This makes you more balanced and clear-thinking. Each hemisphere controls the motor activity on the opposite side of the body. If one is overactive and dominating, the body can become out of balance and cause physical tension. With a balance between the cerebral hemispheres, one can think clearly and yet be close to their emotional reactions.

Reduces stress and increases focus

You will find it easier to concentrate on one thing at a time. Stress reduces the ability to concentrate. When we try to do many things at once, the result is often that we make everything worse. When we remove the clutter and meaningless fixations in our heads, we are given space to work focused on what is currently important.

Mental Training often provides general improvements in general health and well-being already after just three or four weeks of regular training, for more lasting effect, at least 10 weeks of training is needed. The best effect is achieved after one year.

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Side Effects

You run the risk of becoming wiser, healthier and more beautiful – If you are fine with that, keep training!