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If you are not familiar with Mental Training, you may encounter obstacles that can lead you to believe that it is not working. Here are the most common things that may happen:

I fall asleep while listening so it probably doesn’t work for me.
Fact: When you start exercising Mental Training, falling asleep is a common thing. But it is just as common to wake up immediately after the program has ended, so you may be a little uncertain whether you have in fact been asleep or not. Remember—if you fall asleep, it’s because you need to sleep. Let it be. Also, keep in mind that it is easier to slumber if you lie down, so maybe it’s better for you to sit up? But above all, your performance is not important.

My head is full of thoughts floating around. I can’t concentrate. I can’t relax.
Fact: The fact that your brain is full of thoughts is a sign that stress is surfacing (as thoughts). The times when you experience this may even be the most productive when it comes to making progress and resolving stress.

I can’t focus on breathing or on my body, so it doesn’t work for me.Fact: If you get distracted and can’t stay focused, then leave it at that. Whatever happens, is right for you. Again, do not try to perform, let relaxation come to you, just follow along. Have patience, ignore what is said in the programs, just practice on being, without performance. Your body will learn eventually.

I notice no difference even though I have been going at it for several weeks. This does not work for me.
Fact: Mental Training is not a quick fix. These days, we have become accustomed to immediate rewards and everything is happening quickly. If you were to build your well-being from scratch, then how long would you accept it to take? You realize that you have to give it time. If you go running in the woods three times a week, you will get a guaranteed result, you will be in better shape after a while. Mental training produces results with the same certainty. It’s like gravity, it works. If you are going to get Mental Training NOT to work, you would have to stop doing it.

I’m so stressed now so I can’t work out, I’ll wait until things calm down.
Fact: You feel stressed out because you can’t handle everything that happens in your life right now. Exercising will make it easier. You are not as stressed anymore, and you don’t have to worry. Refraining from exercising or interrupting training because it’s stressful, or because you don’t have time, is stepping straight into a negative spiral; a treadmill that’s difficult to get off. The time you spend on Mental Training and Relaxation will give you a hundred times more reward. You become more attractive and efficient. In stressful times, it’s even more important to exercise. Here’s a tip! Set aside time in the calendar 3 times a week, and do a physical activity for 30 minutes first, so that you work up a proper sweat. Then, you can start practicing mental training. In time, this works great—sooner than you think.

Perseverance is the mother of success