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For companies, organizations and working groups it is important to look at values. Both in a larger perspective and on an individual level. What are the overall values ​​of the company? What values ​​do the employees have? Do they agree?

What are values?

Values ​​answer the question: What is important?

Values ​​are the driving force behind our behavior. Some believe having money is a basic valuation, but money is just resources to fulfill values. The values ​​are the conditions we want to experience. If something can be touched then it’s not a value, even if it is something that is important. What can be touched creates a feeling and it is that feeling that is the driving force, the value.

“Values ​​create a state of mind. The state of mind is the fuel that takes you forward to your results. ”
– Ingalill Vestman

Key values – provide driving force and create energy

What are your own most important key values? The words that arouse your state of mind and tickle a little extra? The ones who help you create energy in life and move you forward to your results.

Examples of the value may be:

Balance, Commitment, Passion, Flexibility, Go-ahead spirit, Justice, Freedom, Community, Joy, Excitement, Trust, Creativity, Love, Friendship, Adventure, etc.

Common values ​​of business and employees It is important that you as an individual have values ​​that are in line with the company’s values, they do not have to be the same, but they must not oppose them completely. It is also important as a company to be clear about their values ​​and what they stand for, partly to attract the right employees who have the same values ​​and to have clarity in their communication and marketing. When you know what is important to you, you can make conscious choices and act accordingly. If you are unaware of your values, it is easy to let yourself be guided by the values ​​or requirements of others and feel that you have no control. 

Personligt Mästerskaps values have a purpose to lay a foundation with three values ​​that are easily summarized by GDT:
Good hearted business
The magic fun the quanto fun (the more fun, the more fun)
We will go into more depth on Personligt Mästerskap’s values ​​in another insertion.