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About Personligt Mästerskap®

Personligt Mästerskap®

Was established in 2005

We have solid experience in pedagogy, finance, communication, leadership, marketing and sales. The concept is aimed at companies and organisations seeking to increase job satisfaction, efficiency and profitability.






Good hearted business for a better world


Mission statement

Support the creation of healthy companies, organisations and sustainable profit. Measurable work satisfaction and efficiency.


Our values are GOOD: the good things in life and the good life.

Good hearted businesses

Business must be conducted through partnership, collaboration and consensus. It must offer development for all parties involved and promise all-round win-win-win. The individual, the team the company or the individual, the company, the organisation and the world.

A business must be permeated with a high level of mutual respect, participation, long-term vision and sustainability. It must furthermore acknowledge: All people’s equal value, everyone has a place, diversity is strength.

Decisions should aim to seek a balance between intuition & empathy, function & utility and logic & system.


We believe that the purpose of life is to develop our awareness. Everything that exists is constantly evolving, yet the pace of development is often so slow that we do not notice it, or are simply not aware enough to see what is happening. We seek to contribute to a positive development with enhanced awareness. Good is what benefits our opportunities for development as well as those of others.

The Magis Fun The Quanto Fun

A play of English and Latin words. It roughly means “The more fun, the more fun”. We believe that innovation is the fruit of play and that attitudes are contagious. We seek to spread joy, optimism and humour.