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Personligt Mästerskap® has provided me with more energy and above all greater harmony. Mental training has made me calmer and more relaxed; it helps me lower my stress level and make smarter decisions, which has made me a better leader! Increased joy, positivity, efficiency and better focus.

Dejan Vulevic

CEO and owner, ICA Supermarket Alingsås

Profits increased by 21 percent and the only single-factor difference that year was Personligt Mästerskap®. Job satisfaction increased significantly. We made better decisions because we were less stressed. We convened around a common goal. Communication and understanding of each other was enhanced, both on a personal level but also in relation to work role.

Ambius AB

After following the whole programme, I gained a completely different outlook on life. I invested more energy and time in my family and friends than ever before. What I invest energy in now are the things that really matter and are important. I experience more joy and laughter in everyday life. I am calmer as a person and not so stressed. I am very grateful for Personligt Mästerskap®!

Christer Andersson

Project Manager

Personligt Mästerskap® is an effective tool for creating positive change and development. The keywords are optimism, motivation and confidence. Envision opportunities and set goals to create results. I try to work with this as often as I can. Mental training, I consider to be a key to success. I believe that if more people undertook mental training and utilized the tools available then we would generally have a far higher level of wellbeing and balance in life!

Therese Albrechtson

Europe's best Young Entrepreneur 2008, www.vagavinna.se

After about a month of regular training with Personligt Mästerskap®, I noticed how my awareness was positively affected. As for my employees, I experienced a noticeable positive development. A majority of those who took part in this development programme clearly experienced an increased mutual understanding and an increased willingness to listen and take in the views of others. I felt that the general level of tension was reduced.

Per Hedberg

Orchestra Personnel Manager, Philharmonia Orchestra London

Companies that have taken part in the Personligt Mästerskap® programme:

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