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Company training and organisational training

Personal Mastery®

Personal Mastery® is a structured and well-proven 12-week program divided in five
sessions, 3-4 hour each, plus a kick-off event. The program is based on more than 30 years
of combined experience and lots of in-depth analyses, and measuring all results is a key

Job satisfaction, efficiency and profitability

Organisations consist of people, and organisations develop when people develop.

Personligt Mästerskap® develops the individual and collective understanding, which encourages responsibility. Personligt Mästerskap® is based on a system of thinking and seeks to build a better balance between culture and structure.

Personligt Mästerskap® offers corporate and organisational training in a two-step structured development programme for managers and employees alike. You will become better at managing yourself, which is a prerequisite for nurturing collaboration and for leading others. The training is aimed at companies and organisations at both the managerial and employee levels; in short anyone who wants to work with their own and the team’s development.

Personligt Mästerskap® results

  • Less stress, which boosts energy, increases harmony and nurtures better decision-making
  • Increased appreciation of own and shared values.
  • Clearer goals and results, which increases focus and commitment.
  • Clearer communication that leads to better collaboration.
  • Better self-esteem and confidence, which leads to enhanced vision.
  • Increased job satisfaction and efficiency, which leads to increased profitability.
Företagsutbildning och utvecklingsprogram

Programme structure:

The example below with image represents the PM Employees STEP 1 development programme.

Corporate training is organised by Personligt Mästerskap® business partners who are trained in the concept. The training consists of five sessions over twelve weeks. Each training session takes about four hours and can be scheduled during the day or in the evening, depending on your wishes. During the training, participants also maintain contact with the training leader via email. The appropriate number of participants is six to twelve people.

The programme includes personal analysis, training, individual coaching, coaching of groups as well as integrated mental training. This is followed by an evaluation in the form of comparative personal analysis and an assessment of the benefits to the company or organisation. The study material consists of four mental training programmes, support letters, literature and exercises aimed at providing greater self-awareness and insight.

Företagsutbildning och utvecklingsprogram

“Managers who adopt a meditative approach to their work can adopt more and broader perspectives when making important decisions, which in the long run will lead to a more sustainable development of the business.”

Lasse Lychnell, researcher at the Department of Business and Management at Stockholm School of Economics

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Personligt Mästerskap® has provided me with more energy and above all greater harmony. Mental training has made me calmer and more relaxed; it helps me lower my stress level and make smarter decisions, which has made me a better leader! Increased joy, positivity, efficiency and better focus.

Dejan Vulevic

CEO and owner, ICA Supermarket Alingsås